OSRS Dmm Based Flax Picker

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Is this possiable?

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  1. No, keep your bad ideas to yourself.

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  2. Sounds viable, I hope someone attempts this.

  1. Dragon7834

    Oct 17, 2015
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    So, this wouldn't be your average flax bot but stay with me for a second. It would also, i think, be a fairly hard bot to pull off.....

    Bascially, its a flax bot for deadman mode that trades the flax from a mule acc to another one. Now, ordinarily, i'd say that you could spend your botting time much better than picking flax. Thanks to dmm gp being about 1:36 with rs3gp though, its much different. Flax is currently about 100gp each in Dmm, and if i remember correctly, assuming you don't die a lot, you can pick about 800 flax an hour. So, 80k/hr dmm gp = ~2.9m rs3gp. And 2.9m rs3gp/hr for picking flax is nothing to scoff at.

    What this bot would need, is to be able to interact with 2 accounts for starters. I figure this could be done by making 2 separate bots for two separate clients that interact with each other. Idk, im not a bot writer lol. Now for the weird part.

    Because death in deadman mode is inevitable for the char that is picking flax, it would need a way to walk back. I see 2 ways this could be done.

    1.) The easiest, and most obvious way, is to use cammy tabs in the deposit box, but that means you're only good for 10 deaths.

    2.) I doubt this would be easy to make work, but if the accounts can trade with each other then it isnt impossible. In catherby you can charter a ship to Karamja, and from there take the boat to port sarim. If the main account brings 1530gp, it can get to port sarim, trade 510gp to the mule account, and get back. If you REALLY want to spring for absolute bank safety, then it could incorporate a 3rd account to do this run, since pkers could be anywhere along this rout. You could also set it up to where 10 cammy tabs are given to the flax runner during this, so that you only have to make this rune once every 10 deaths.

    Since being pk'd will happen, it would probably be best if it had world hoping implemented as well. I have no idea if this is a viable bot, but i'd assume that it could be a way to make at least 1.5m+/hr rs3gp. More than enough to cover bonds to have 2 members accounts.

    Assuming a base of 1.5m rs3/hr, botting this for only 3hr's/day, and minus ~26m for bonds, you'd profit 37m rs3gp over the 14 days. This could even be set up using only mule accounts. If you were to do this for 6hr/ day you'd profit 100m rs3gp over the 14 days. All up to you on the risk here lol.

    Maybe I'm just insane, but thanks for checking this out ^-^

    Edit: took out the use of the word script bot

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