Do you bot and play your Main at the same time?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Seren, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. As the title suggests, I'm thinking of botting on DarkScape whilst sometimes playing on my main too (from the original RS client). Would this purpose risks of my main account being banned?
  2. No. I used to bot 2 accounts (goldfarming) whilst playing legit on my main.
  3. And your main never got banned?
  4. Nope, I just quit playing after maxing out.
  5. Always bot and play on my main, do slayer manually bot the rest.
  6. How do you bot and play with two clients on the same computer? If i wanna loggin with another client it dont let me log in.. And what is with proxys? I use a private socks5 proxy. Is this a little bit save?
  7. Launch a regular RS client and a separate RM client.
    Yes, using a private proxy will prevent chain bans.
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  8. I haven't botted in several weeks but if I was to I would clear my Jagex Cache. Then place RuneMate into a sandbox out in the proxy info and launch.

    I have 2 step verification and on some old clients it would recognize it as separate clients while it didn't for runemate in the past. I've always been the paranoid type but I've never had a single account banned granted I don't botfarm just build accounts.
  9. If you're trying to log them into the same world, you have to click "login" for both of them at the same time, e.g. click login, alt+tab to next window, click login. The short time span will allow you to log into them on the same world.

    Otherwise, putting them onto different worlds (world switcher at login page) will work just as well.
  10. There are no risks to doing this as long as you play on your main through the legit runescape client. Running through the Runemate client might have a small chance of getting you banned, but probably not anything. There's no risk as long as you're not botting on your main.
  11. Yes.
    I have a free to play character that runs around and does some botting while I play on my member character.
    Going to expand the free to play accounts I have going soon, might just wait for Specter and move forward from there; but to be honest I haven't had any trouble currently.
    Which is strange because I was in this nasty loop of waking up to a banned account ( even if i didn't play through the night) and then remaking it and starting fresh, rinse repeat for like four days, but I've had my newest f2p survive four days since then. It's definitely a little bit more less obvious with a more broad range of skills worked on.
    Maybe that's the key lol
  12. I plan to make a semi-legit OSRS PK account once I get some cash from my bots so I can get a bond.
  13. botted and played on my main for a while ( 101 cb) 92 str 99 cook 95 fletch never banned or anything ive quitted for 3 months due to moving and stuff now im back to botting and playing on the same account

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