Do you guys bot on your main accounts?

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Do you Bot on your Main Accounts?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Title^^

    I personally, bot on 15 other accounts and then transfer the gold to my main. Did too much hardwork and spent a lot of time on my main.

  2. I bot on my main because im lazy.
  3. Yes, OSRS 1730+ total and counting.
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  4. Yes. IDGAF about rs.
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    Nice piece of shit.
  5. Added a Poll, be sure to enter there ;3

    Also damnn... Am I the only one here who doesnt bot on their main :OO
  6. Nope. But after seeing how far you can go on a new account, I have second thoughts about rc/hunter
  7. If you care about your acc don't bot. you will regret it
  8. True that though. I'll keep transferring instead.
  9. Yep I only transfer aswell :)
  10. Yes and i have been banned on like 5 mains. Always keeps me off this shitty game for year or more. Too lazy to play legit, i dont even know why i play this game lol.
  11. Do you bot in f2p or p2p? I wanted to make a few accounts but it's like 12m for a bond, and idk if it would be worth it
  12. You'll make them 12m back in 1-2 days as long as it's a good method. In other words, bond is definitely worth it.
  13. botting on my 114 main with 50ish m cash on for like 8ish hrs a day
  14. I've yet to find any methods that you can start right away and get to 12m in 1-2 days
  15. I been botting my main when I am too lazy or dont have time to play or doing something agonizingly boring. Just hit 1250* total and 15m total xp not too long ago and I am working on getting stats for zulrah. Started OSRS around 2-3 months after darkscape shut down.
  16. You'll probably never find a method that'll get you 12m in 1-2 days right away. Basically, spend 2 days skilling, and the rest for moneymaking. There are plenty of ways to get 12m in 1-2 days after you lvl em skill(s) up.
  17. Can confirm, 12m in a day is nothing honestly.
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  18. I can run 15 bots at a time. 12m a day p2p or ftp?

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