Resolved doesnt log back in after 6hrs

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by ichaseexp, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. title says all... running mass fighter script bot lately an doesn't re log in after 6 hrs... it use to work like last week but now its all messed up an wont re log back in please respond and fix thanks

    again thats the mass fighter script bot an wont re log in after 6 hr ....
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    this is on osrs btw
  2. Is this an issue specifically with Mass Fighter or all bots @ichaseexp?
  3. @Arbiter just mass fighter seems like atm
  4. By looking at the Bot Store it doesnt appear to be a problem with MassFighter.
    It has been last updated at 8/13/2015.
    You can test out easily if this only occurs with this bot or with any bot.
    Simply open up RuneMate and load the RS Login Screen.
    Change your IP using a VPN, and start a bot while having an account selected.
    It should tell you the 6 hours have passed, and it'll attempt to reload rs etc...

    Let me know if this works for you on other bots @ichaseexp
  5. @Microsoft no idea how to mess with ip's or vpns...
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    @Microsoft can you try this method out?
  6. I'm already running a bot which is set up properly.
    Just use a VPN like and follow the steps I provided.
    Good luck dude :D
  7. @Microsoft why would i wanna use vpn when botting? i am really confused
  8. If you load the RS Login Screen with your "own IP", and then switch to another IP [using VPN] it will think 6 hours past by and it'll attempt to reload RuneMate for you [when the bot tries to log you in].
  9. There's another way to be sure. @ichaseexp when you come back to the computer and see that the client is logged out do you see another window saying an error has occurred? If so, expand the detailed view and copy paste its contents here. I suspect the author is not accounting for the fact that Players.getLocal() can be null. @Ozzy check your exception log please.

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