RS3 Double XP Weekend Announced! | 25th September

Discussion in 'RS3' started by Arbiter, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Now that Jagex has announced Double XP Weekend on RuneScape 3 let's hear your epic botting plans. Remember to load up on those valuable training resources early before the prices skyrocket. ;)

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  2. Camping wfs for them summoning gains.
    Maybe some hours with aria's slayer bot as well
  3. Already knew this last week :p invested 400m in swamp lizards :D
  4. Getting 99 construction, 99 smithing and 99 fletching.




    I'm all set. :D
  5. dungeneering for me last still 40m xp to 120 :( hopefully a dung bots up then haha
  6. Metadungeon is going to be released soon™!
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  7. *Drools*
  8. Hoping to make enough money for construction, but I'm poor as shit :(
  9. The plan.

    On my lower level accounts bot Slayer for a long time, then once I hit a certain level, use the charms for double xp summoning. Then repeat slayer until I finished wanted summoning. Then get 70-80 Agility. And perhaps if meet all those within the weekend either construction / smithing.
  10. The real question is, how many people of you guys are actually gonna be playing legit?
    I mean bots are great but for an event like double exp weekend, all I hear is 72hrs of valuable runescape which means maximum efficiency so I for one will be playing legit for the most part of the weekend and but most likely using some bots for the latter when I'm all beat :p
  11. Why would you go legit right when botting is going to be THE way to gain exp?
  12. I get paranoid with some bots
  13. I have 104k bars to smith, no way in hell I'm going to legit smith them. :p
  14. damn :p
    im hoping to get some thieving levels and some prayer levels and use all my crimson charms :)
  15. Not gonna join this event lol... school + job. Maybe invest in some supplies, which I cannot reveal due to classified information.
  16. Start a bot before bed lol. 8 hours is fair runtime on any low-medium risk thing to bot.
  17. I usually run 2 clients 20h each. No bans yet. Made like 1b profit lol... which I staked away.
  18. Then why not join in and bot during double xp weekend, I was just stating its a few minutes to login + start a bot.
  19. ALL BUY BATTLESTAFFS :D that is the one item with the biggest price jump every DXP
  20. Inb4 200m crafting ;)

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