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  1. ok so the idea is, you already have rune defender/dragon defender. Already starting with tokens. All the bot would do is kill the cyclops. pick up d defenders (other valuable loot also) and rebank when ur out of food! maybe you could set a limit on how many tokens the bot uses before it logs out :D i think its an awesome idea! can we get it? :D
  2. Only if it alchs. Set it to alch stuff of 340 coins +. Make bank, get dragon defenders, gain some XP, seems good.
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  3. A good idea considering there's no NMZ bot.
  4. I would create the bot. I'm just having extreme amount of problems getting the runemate client to work on the Mac.
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  5. yeah i will probs just buy guthans and camp there for 99's if this comes out :p
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    ANY updates on this?
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    Nobody interested in this? i think its epic idea as near bank!!!!
  6. How many of these functions are supported by Alpha Fighter? I understand banking wouldn't be, but I'm sure you could set up a solution and just check in on the bot semi-frequently. It's quite a niche situation.
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