RS3 Dragon Farming !

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Constantin, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Once more I managed to farm alot Rune Dragons :)(y)

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  2. Did you farm them legit or botted?
  3. As this is a Botting Forum/Community i botted them
  4. If i may ask how? :)
  5. Private bot?
  6. Its a non Released Alpha of a Private but it is working fine but the banking is a bit Bugged
  7. Is there anyone on the forums that do private bots?
  8. I have a shitton of private bots xd
  9. For darkscape?
  10. Nah, just things that i needed for rs3 :) I lost pretty much all of them, but whenever need a bot, and there is non yet on here i just make it myself xd
  11. Hey mate can u make an Bot that fills flasks with water at the GE ? :D
  12. lol wuttttttttttttt this isnt even good money and vials with water are not very expensive at all a vial of water is 19coins more than a normal vial or you could just find someone who has a portable well and get the vials from it and then bank them this would be faster since you can withdraw a full inv instead of waiting for vials to fill.
  13. But it i let the bot fill 1 m bottles its still 19m profit vor usefull for herb ^^
  14. Ask bot authors.
  15. yeah thats true but you could also chop willows and make more money.
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  16. And it only takes half a year and you only get banned twice, go for it man! Dont let your dreams be dreams!
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  17. Nice loot, man.
  19. Passt schon Savior ^^ war in OSRS mal möglich without ban ^^
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    Thank you VM ^^
  20. Hätte nie gedacht einen deutschen hier zu finden :D

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