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  1. Would be really nice, supports complexities, floor sizes, gets through the floor fast

    Hoping for Team Celestial to do this :p
  2. Red has one, only does Comp 4 i think, but its a start its also free
  3. Don't even know if it works
  4. It was working last time I used it but it was pretty basic in terms of combat and stuff
  5. also 90% sure it got me banned. Botted 5 days straight on it found it a couple time clicking the wall for no reason.

    If anyone does make a dung scripts bots its pretty much going to be there only script bot because it takes so much time and effort to keep it running let alone making it and making it work.
  6. Hmmm not too sure about the second part, Eagles and I may have a crack at it.
  7. It's pretty challenging, as dungeoneering has a lot of variety
  8. I used Epicbot's free pro dungeoneering script bot for two weeks straight and didn't get banned, it supports floors 1-35 and does comp 6. I don't know if you guys would be willing to try out a new bot though.
  9. no because shitbot is shit.
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  10. It used to be pretty good. It was the time right after kiko gave up on Idung, and there was no good dung script bot. Epicbot had the only good working script bot. It got messed up couple months later though. Havent had a chance to try it ever since
  11. The script bot to bot dung might be decent but the platform of Epicbot is utter shit and is known to hack people. J/s
  12. Well yeah. I dont see myself going back there ever again. The site doesnt have a lot of users considering how old it is, and none of their scripts bots even work at this point.
  13. nah shitbot is bad. kBot get's stuck all the time.
  14. Dungeoneering is the only skill I would never bot [edit: except to skip the annoying floors 1-40]... I absolutely love it along with slayer. I plan on getting my first 200m in dung :3.
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  15. Good luck, shit takes forever.
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  16. not if ure maxed. Daily dung challenges extended + daily sinkholes is 500-600k xp daily. Its not that hard to get 200m dung.
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  17. It'll take a couple of months q.q
  18. Not if u actually dung as well. 600k is just from dailies that take 20 ish mins. You can still do dung and get xp that way.

    But i digress. This thread isnt about how easy it is to get 200m dung.
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  19. Well we all have our opinions. I personally don't use epic bot, only used it to train dungeoneering because of how much I hate the skill. I was only sharing my experience from that one time that I used it. It did get the job done though and in my eyes that's all that matters.
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  20. I remember that bot being revolutionary... It got me 1-99 dungeoneering in a matter of weeks.
    OT: Going to try this bot out soon, really interested in how well it does :).

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