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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Hydralic, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    All current bots don't work as they should, so please make a fully functional Dungeoneering bot.

  2. Seriously, you are right, i think a group of devs should work on one together, but it is not easy to make.
  3. I think it's not that easy to make a fully functional Dungeoneering bot.
  4. While that's true, the few dung bots that are out were pretty decent, and if a good bot dev could reach out to the scripters that made it, they could probably all collab together to make a super dung bot :D
  5. Hell Id Pay Top $ For that Shizazle.
  6. I would literally pay tens of dollars for that.
  7. You guys are talking like its the same as making a willow chopper...
    Unless @Arbiter develops some kinda co-op system for bot authors, there will never be a real collaboration between scripters.
    Because think about it... @Jizm, @bdwill2 , etc.. are talking about the fact that he/they would pay 10's of $$$ for one.
    But if lets say 5 devs work on one, Who is going to upload it?
    Cuz if i am correct the money will go to the uploader.. :p
    See the main issue? @Arbiter correct me if i am wrong :) <3
  8. So what if the money only goes to the uploader, unless they're some shady prick, then they will share it between the devs that worked hard on it. That's how a collab works. Besides there were a couple dung bots that were really good till they got extremely outdated. If new devs could reach out to the devs of those dung bots and snag their source code, I'm sure atleast 75% of the work would be done for them. It's just getting the original authors to either give up their source code or give the new devs rights to use it. Of course I'm probably wrong, as I know not too much about any sort of coding. Those are just my ideas.
  9. 1 scripter could make a dungeoneering bot, just depends on a whole bunch of variables
  10. Yes, but no one has made one that's updated. So while indeed one scripter could make it, it's honestly just as likely at this point that 2-3 would join together to make it.
  11. Metadungeon is done :p We are just hoping that @red will return soon to finish it up :p
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  12. Dosen't matter if its a co-op scripting. Either way, the pricing can be cut into smaller ones according to the work applied by other Devs. Well this is my idea, if it's a co-op script bot, then arbiter recieves the payment and then splits it equally according to the work done by the devs. If it's a hourly payment, its not too hard to divide it amoung other devs, @Arbiter @kristiaan
  13. Yes I will do my best to facilitate any kind of creative cooperation the Bot Authors come up with.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. any new information about this?
    I need a good dungeoneering bot since it is dead and has to be done solo till around 90 it gets boring to train hella fast

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