RS3 Dungeoneering Service - Cheap

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  1. Hey guys starting to offer my services here for people.

    I only charged a fixed rate of 6gp per xp. Most services go for 20gp+.

    Why me:
    1. I myself am not a botter so I will be managing your account personally.
    2. Most shops will charge you 20+ gp/xp which I am only doing for 6gp/xp
    3. I have been in the RS scene for about 7 years and well versed in training (In osrs I can get 80% of any skill to 70 in a matter of 2 days...which is faster than bots =D)
    1. You are to leave the cash on the account which I will transfer out.
    2. I am more than welcome to ONLY have arbiter hold the cash as a Middle Man if needed.
    3. If paying via osrs gp I will give you a discount!
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  2. 9-75 Time? And if i order now you can get start right away?
  3. It would take me less than a week. I can start right now if you want.
  4. And now i realised that you are the other guy :p I just didn't order because of the reasons i already pointed.
  5. Just waiting Arbiter to get in so you can start the service :)
  6. Yup =D
    Meanwhile I will be coding my cbr archive and reader so just let me know.
  7. Cleaned up thread.

    Btw if there's a hurry in this, I'd be happy to hold the gold myself.
  8. If he agrees its cool.
  9. I can accept to that =D
  10. This still open?
  11. ?? He's banned?
  12. Oh shit. didnt see that ahha thanks.

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