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Discussion in 'General Market' started by icybow14, May 30, 2016.

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  1. I'm selling a method to make up to 2.5m an hour in OSRS, It will be sold for 2 million gp. 10 copies will be sold and 2 vouch copies will be given out.

    Requirements: roughly 50k to invest.
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  2. Requirements/proof?
  3. Is it old method or new one?
  4. Would like a vouch copy, if the method is automatable and works as described I will provide you with a private script bot for it.
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  5. Hey if you're giving away vouch copies feel free to throw one my way xD
  6. sounds like the method worked, and is starting to die to a lower profit/hr rate. and ur trying to make the most of it by selling copies.

    i am always quite sketchy about these "selling money making method" things. dont take it offensive
  7. OP sent me a message explaining how it works.

    RS3 only and isn't exactly within the Rules of Runescape.

    I'll leave it with OP to decide where to from here.
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    From knowing what it is, I would say it is not automatable without going to a significant amount of trouble in creating a bot
  8. It's OSRS only not RS3 ;)
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    Reason I'm selling it because I can't be bothered to do it myself, it's easy but tedious, I'm still awaiting approval from arbi before I sell or give any more vouches though.
  9. If you are going to give vouch copies away, I would like to have one too :)
  10. Everyone would like to get xD

    so wont profit/hr rate get lower?
  11. Eventually it will, as all things do, but I'm selling limited copies to make it happen not as fast.
  12. 2.5m/hr osrs? Does it require scamming, bug abuse or begging? If not, would be willing to buy after arbi vouches for it.
  13. What are you waiting on me for? Approval? If so, I can't approve it without knowing what it is. :p

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  14. He said he wasn't going to sell it until you approved it? If you get a look at it, could ya let us know if its worth it ;)
  15. I messaged you on skype ;-;
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    Well got approval for sale but someone who had discovered it with me spread it around and it's become very saturated, so i'm not going to sell it due to the soon to be rapid profit drops.
  16. Wanna tell us what it was?
  17. Nah, one guy knows on this post, but I'm going to keep it to myself to milk the profits before I can no longer any more, can I get this thread closed?
  18. @Arbiter @Party Closerino please.
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