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  1. This bot would be "the bomb" because no other client has this bot and it makes quite a nice profit since the clues got updated!
    Just imagine if you could expand this bot.
  2. This bot would be amazing! Would probably make the website more known and it's great cash. If someone's going to make a bot like this please add OSRS too <3
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  3. I could probably do this if I'd find an account with lots of quests completed/levels, so I can do all easy clues. My current bot-making-account has no quests/levels at all :/

    Making the bot would take 2 days at max, it's a matter of inserting all the required locations and testing everything.
  4. This would take ages to implement and still longer to test. Probably comparable to a dungeonering bot in volume of work, with very little worth by comparison.
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  5. To technically make a cluescrollbot is not too hard, especially when you have properly webbed the most relevant areas of runescape (team Celestial's current project btw, to web (mostly) all of runescape including dungeons, ships etc.).
    But the thing is that the amount of data you need to gather to support every clue scroll is too much effort, it wouldn't be worth it.
  6. Think about it ;)
    I agree but i just saw a bot like this years ago, people made quite a bit off the bot.
  7. I didn't allude to difficulty - but in order to comprehensively test it, one would have to exhaust every possible easy clue scroll. Which would take an age.
  8. If this was actually intended by someone to make, and you're serious about it, I'd have absolutely no problem in contributing clue hints and solutions to the maker. I am a cluescroll lover so I would have plenty of data for the script bot writer to compile into his script bot.
  9. lol, just lol.

    The data has been compiled onto the wiki (RS3 and OSRS). Testing would be a bitch since as @Eagles13 said you would need to enumerate every case, though once you get it running properly and if you had proper debugs, you could just run it until it found a case it couldn't solve then have it shut down.
  10. Just let a selective group alpha and betatest it, it will speed up the hunt for bugs etc. Also I don't think it would be too hard to find this group of volunteers
  11. 100 better ideas to spend this time on. as stated above there is little to no reward for the amount of time invested in it.
  12. 2 days without testing.. the working of the script bot is very simple especially with easy clues as they don't have puzzles. It's simply a script bot that reads clue runs to location, digs and repeat

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