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Should i make this script FREE, SUPPORT, PREMIUM.

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  1. Hello i have been thinking should i make Elder tree cutter FREE, SUPPORT, PREMIUM.
    it will be cutting all elder tress at-

    • this will be getting pushed sometime tomorrow thanks for reading and vote on the pole,

    • comments are cool too.

    • 624,800 per hour
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  2. How much money does it make an hour currently?
  3. well 4.4k a log 90 wc bout 300k-1-2hours depending on what hatchet you have wc level
  4. 300k is really low to consider premium, I'd say free.
  5. I'd say free, or supporter if you fear the logs will drop in price.
  6. I'm sure the 90 woodcutting requirement will be enough of a barrier to prevent radical price dropping.
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  7. true but i was giving a blunt 300k idk actually price not 90 yet 88 atm kinda why i said gonna wait to push at 7 tomarrow
  8. hey thanks
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    update: just waiting need to get 90 to test it
  9. I would make it free because there is little doubt that it would be effect that much by botting. considering that it has 90 wc requirement and also means you have to be a member.
  10. yes but here is the other reason for support or premium,
    there is a elder tree scr,ipt yes but there kinda getting out dated and this one will only focus on elder tress's,
    it only took me 3 weeks to get to 89 woodcutting so saying 90 wc is rqd most of all people have high wc.
  11. might point is that in the future I might want to use this so maybe free for anyone the commented in forum plx? :(
  12. i am considering making another one but might be trial for 30min or so
  13. that is fair. I would offer to help test it but i don't have any wc bots that are over 60 in wc.
  14. all good all test by switching elder to yew just to see if it is functional
  15. I did this 1h with 99 wc and crystal hatchet. Max is 400k/h.
    That should be free, its not like with Alpha Ascensions where the bot makes 3m+/h :p
    Even with 3 acc's running on a pc thats 1.2m/h and the chance that you will have 3 accs with 99wc and a crystal hatchet is small :p

    So, i voted free, but supporter only might be good for the the website :)
  16. true but the pole don't end till 7pm tonight so yea and i am having trouble with my bank method
  17. Price drops are mostly caused by goldfarmers by bringing huge amounts of a certain item into the game because they have 10+ accounts doing that, I think the 90 Woodcutting requirement is too high for them to use this method. I'd say supporter :).
  18. please vote on the pole is the only way i will go with.
  19. Please for fuck sake don't ruin another good money making method by giving it to leeching noobs. Make it support for people who SUPPORT! this community not their own personal gains.

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