Resolved Evertime i start a script for osrs i get this spammed

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  1. same here, looks like .interact() is not working :/ at least this is what causes the error in my script bot

    edit: not just .interact(),almost everything...
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  2. starts off this

    Code (Text):
    2. Exception in thread "Bot-Phase OS Fletcher" (12:13:16) java.lang.StackOverflowError
    3. (12:13:16)     at sun.awt.Win32GraphicsConfig.getBounds(Native Method)
    4. (12:13:16)     at sun.awt.Win32GraphicsConfig.getBounds(Unknown Source)
    5. (12:13:16)     at
  3. wtf... that error is coming from within the jre itself.
  4. So is this my end or yours?
    I cant get a script bot to run in osrs.
  5. Happens with me for RS3, haven't tried OSRS. It was working fine last night on Beta 75

  6. Iv deleted all substance of runemate even the .jar and re downloaded no luck what so ever
  7. try reinstalling java?
  8. Hm, so only some people are having this problem? Because I'm getting it now, too.
  9. the script bot was working fine before #76 update
  10. So i've been running a script bot for maybe 5 hours today. Just reloaded the client and now i'm getting the same thing. Even though i was already on 76 :/
  11. solution:
    remove -login argument

    you're welcome :)
  12. Confirmed. Something is up with the autologin @Cloud
    I left the arg there but when it asks me to re-enter my tfa i have no problem, when it autologs the error is back
  13. Should be resolved as of beta 76.2
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