EvilCabbage's Middle-manning service

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  1. EvilCabbage's Middle-manning Service

    Long story short:
    • I will middleman your trade for free;
    • my Skype is "Live:EvilCabbage";
    • always ask for a pm to confirm it's me;
    • waste my time and I'll ban your ass.
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  2. i want to buy some gold add me on skype tlms.toma
  3. Sold him 12m for 5$. He went first, smooth trade.
  4. Buying 2 bonds bby
  5. Just sold him two bonds. Thank you for the quick trade.
  6. Buying 2.4m osrs for $5 talking right now
  7. Sold. Thanks for the trade.
  8. What's your current price for a rs3 bond in terms of rs3 gold and cash? :)
  9. Wouldn't you be able to buy a bond with RS3 cash yourself? I can sell you for 2.9$
  10. could you sell me a bond for $3.00
  11. Yes. Please add my Skype.
  12. Sold 4.5m osgp. Fast deal ;)
  13. 5m bought, drunken exchange= best exchange.
  14. Sold him 35.5m. I went first, went smooth. +++++++
  15. Sold him another 30m, I went first, He made me sexy to! +++++++++++++++
  16. Sold some money :D Went first all went good and smooth!
  17. Yeah he sold me some RS3 Gold. Transaction was very fast! =D

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