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  1. Can we please have an option disable these? It gets a little annoying when you have a bot you're rewriting and the old version gives you 100+ notifications per day.
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    Also worth mentioning, most of these exceptions are thrown because someone is stopping the bot during Execution#delayUntil(), and they all give you alerts because they're unique because of the random(?) numbers in lambda references.

    Ex: at productions.celestial.bots.hunter.v2.tasks.general.LayTrap.lambda$execute$396(

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    Post #11 by Arbiter, Sep 6, 2015
  3. Or just make the bots hidden because they are broken or outdated anyways.
  4. Except it's not broken and is one of the most ran bots on here.
  5. Then patch whatever is causing the exceptions.
  6. Execution#delayUntil() :^)
  7. I've never gotten any errors from people stopping the script bot during Execution delays. And if it is the case where the exception is unavoidable then it is an acceptable time to surround it with a try catch.
  8. @Defeat3d please provide an example to assess.
  9. Here's one: [​IMG]
    Here's another: [​IMG]

    The only difference is the numbers after "rm.coN$$Lambda$NUMBERS/"
  10. The line below the "Called by" is the relevant one. Check out that line and fix what's actually causing the error. Hiding it is just avoiding the problem.
  11. I know, but that has nothing to do with what I'm requesting here, lol.
  12. Adding the ability to turn it off is enabling Bot Authors to ignore bot-breaking bugs. Not exactly something we want to be wasting dev hours on.
  13. Fair enough.
  14. "most of these exceptions are thrown because someone is stopping the bot during Execution#delayUntil(),".
    delayUntil should never throw an exception itself, instead your condition is likely the source of the error.

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