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  1. My dungeoneering leeching script bot for skillers/lazy people.

    • You(Host) create a party and send an invite to the leech(multiple leeches are possible)
    • The leech accepts the invite and recognizes you as his master.
    • You(no dung bots exist so far) start solving the dungeon, while the leech(es) AFK at the base.
    • You can say a few commands in your chatbox, list:
      • (leechname) leave: The leech will leave the party, and the script bot will stop.
      • (leechname) emotes: The leech will teleport using the group gatestone portal and take part in the emote room.
      • (leechname) levers: The leech will teleport using the group gatestone portal and will pull it's lever when you count from 1 to 3.
      • (leechname) gte: The leech will teleport using the group gatestone portal and end the dungeon.

    Release: Whenever the interaction bug is fixed/I found a way around it, suggestions welcome.

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  2. This will be good fr me. I would leech 24/7.
  3. Remember that this is mainly designed for skillers who want 99 dung, you need to complete the dung by yourself & have your skiller in the party, so it's not like the bot will do all the work..
    However I'm sure there will be a dungeoneering bot available soon, if we get more popularity ;)
  4. So you actually get XP when doing nothing at the base and letting someone solve the (complete) floor?
  5. Yeah, for being a survivor counts.
  6. A good leech gets more xp than everyone else, since your chance of dying is progressively lower.
    1. Run around screaming random acronyms, such as DENK.
    2. Fish for obscenely prolonged amounts of time
    3. Grab a key and hide it in a room or on a table no-one will ever search, and then scold your group for losing it while offering to find it as they complete the dungeons and kill the boss (Since you can't be bothered to die, as it will lower your xp. Also helpful since if your like me you have no clue on how to fight the bosses.)
    4. Accusing other team members of not being efficient enough, especially those with a dungeoneering level over 99 and call themselves "Pro" dungeoneer players.
    5. Offering to make the team's prayer alter, which on average should take you 20+ minutes to do.
    6. Teleport often in front of your teammates, referencing your gatestone that you will never actually place anywhere.
    7. On rooms that require all players, be one of the first people in the room and then be sure to comment on how slow everyone else is! Since you haven't done anything you should be able to ggs tele faster than the others who are busy clearing rooms.
    That's what I found xD
  7. Since this was never released and I am working on 120 dung, I decided to make this :)

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