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  1. [​IMG]

    This script bot is still in beta stage, bugs may occur

    Details: This script bot supports all types of wisps except for Elder wisps(may work, but not tested), but doesn't provide support for Enriched/Chronicle fragments yet. This will come whenever I get a members account.


    • Simply start the script bot near the Energy Rift where you want to train. The wisp type will be automatically detected.

    • Enriched wisps
    • Chronicle fragments
    • Auto switch to best spot
    • Dynamic signatures
    • Paint
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  2. I made an account and I'm going to be constantly running this, let's see if I can get the 99!
    I'll update with proggies.
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  3. ^^^ Me gusta!!
  4. It might fail because of the bug that I posted @ Client Support..., so that's not my fault :p
  5. Exile updated ExoWisp with a new update entry:

    ExoWisp v0.1.0 Released!

    Should be running close to flawless now :)
    Chron frags/Enriched wisps coming soon.

    Looking into ways to speed up the process of finding a new wisp
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  6. Got a bug, it was siphoning wisps and then the inventory was full so it turned towards the rift. The rift was in view at pretty much the very edge of the screen but unclickable so the mouse just kept moving on the screen trying to find the rift.

    Also rift detection isn't flawless but there should be a better way to find the center of the rift or something.
  7. Well I can add the exact coordinates of the rift if you can borrow me your account? Will take about an hour to visit them all & note all coords
  8. Working on this today, adding:
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  9. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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