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  1. [​IMG]

    This script bot is still in beta stage, more options to train Magic will be added later this week.
    Low/High Level Alchemy
    [​IMG] Skills Required: [​IMG] 21 or [​IMG] 55
    [​IMG] Quests Required: None
    [​IMG] Items Required: Nature runes, an equipped Staff of Fire or Fire battlestaff, and items to alch (check http://www.scape-xp.com/runescape-high-alchemy.html).
    [​IMG] Location: Anywhere, preferably where you can be alone so nobody reports you(such as in your Player-Owned-House).

    Details: This script bot will cast the Low- or High Level Alchemy spell using the Ability-bar combined with keyboard combinations, to make it look extremely legit.


    • Layout: script bot was made using OldSchool layout, so please use this for the most efficient usage.[​IMG]
    • Ability-bar: Place the Low- or High Level Alchemy spell in any slot on your ability bar that has a Keybind(such as the numbers 1-9)
    • Armour: Equip a Staff of Fire or a Fire Battlestaff, you can choose the rest of your armour(such as a Bonus XP Aura) yourself. [​IMG]
    • Inventory: Be sure to have Nature runes, and the item you wish to alch(noted or stackable) anywhere in your inventory.

    • Superheating
    • Teleporting
    • Lunar spells(If someone got this quest done please please please let me borrow your account).
    • Dynamic signatures
    • Paint
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  2. Awesome layout man! By far the best descriptive thread yet!
  3. Sweet design, very informative.
  4. May I suggest using Actionbar.getFirstAction(String... name) instead of forcing a specific slot?
  5. May I suggest you fix the interaction thing so I can release my Divination bot? :D

    Jks, I'll add that now :)
    Adding Low alchemy too, and working on a method to let the script bot buy new supplies when you're out of supplies
  6. Was going to say same thing about the inventory...also not hard to add a equipment check so no issues can occur.
  7. There is an equipment check/ability bar check/inventory check, I just wrote it all up in this topic to for being convenient ;)
  8. I can verify that he has one (Exile, you should really null check the definitions)
  9. Improving the script bot at this moment :)
  10. Updating this script bot by Saturday with Teleporting, Superheating and a general overhaul :)
  11. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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