OSRS F Cape & Pest Control Service

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  1. Offering Fire Cape and Pest Control Service for very cheap
    Prices will be negotiated
    Prices are in 07 GP

    I will guarantee the lowest price on RM, Sythe, Etc.
    Fire Cape Reqs:
    Only at least 50+ Range Needed (MSB/Mithril Cross)
    (Lower levels are possible but will cost more)

    Pest Control Prices:
    (Individual point packs will cost more proportionally than the bigger services)
    100 Pts - 500k
    250 Pts - 1m
    500 Pts - 1.75m
    Full Void (1 Helmet) - 3.5m
    Full Void (2 Helmets) - 4.25m
    Full Void (3 Helmets) - 5m

    Skype: iamsofakingdone
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