OSRS F2P Bot Noob Progress!

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  1. Welcome To My Thread!
    I've started April 17th 2016 (Character is now over EIGHT MONTHS old!)
    Whelp I'm back to make a new thread showing my progress on my f2p noob here! Today May 1st, this character is two weeks old with no ban!!!!! This thrills me to no end because since jagex updated there auto detection techniques, I was unable to bot RS3 or Oldschool without receiving a ban with in a few days at best. Most world only last a day. Some of you may remember me from progress posts on other popular RS Forums. Thanks for Viewing and wish us luck! The ultimate Goal is to just keep him F2P and keep training up random skills!

    WOOOT 12k+ Views!!! Thanks for the support!

    Progress As Of December 7th 2016

    Current Goals/Intentions!

    Back at it guys and gals! Mining Addy Ore in the desert heat, it takes about 20 min per trip to gather the ore, bank it, and return to mining. One inventory totals to 45k so that's 135k an hour! Realistically 100k to 135k an hour with the sell prices and what not.

    Main scripts bots Used

    Mining Dawg is my #1 at the moment!
    Nature Thiever
    MaxiPrayer using this a lot for big bones i get from mining money!
    JST Demon Splasher
    Open Miner
    Exia Miner
    Quality Fighter
    Pi Chopper

    QveChickenKiller for combat as well as prayer in the beginning.

    How I Bot Smart
    I bot between 1 to 4 hours ea skill. I for example I am mining a couple hours before work then tonight may wood cut. But you switch it up. Also I wont tell you my in game name obviously but I will tell you in the email used to log in as well as my user name my name starts with and i however I made it a lower case L, this throws a lot of people off! I don't watch my bot like a hawk but I also don't leave it while I go to work or bed. I often check the chat history to see if anyone is live in the area. If so here and there I'll be like mining levels? and get into random convos for a bit. However these days it seems most of the community is anti social or anti human lmao aka a bot. Another thing is wear armor, level combat, and change outfits. Basically don't look like a lvl 3 bot noob :p After each session try not to just exist out the bot or log out at the mine, rather you should run to the bank and get say your 150 yews and go sell it to the ge before logging out. If you where like powermining at least go to the bank and take out your scimmy and put away the axe. Shit like that will keep your account safe ( As long as the client is good like this one is)
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  2. I remember you from the RSbot forums (you can talk freely about other clients here ;) )
    Good luck on the progress, I'll be following it closely!
  3. EDIT: NVM, GL :)
    always fun to see these threads
  4. Yeah this community is amazing and run by very smart developers. It's nice to see a clean, mature and professional botting community. I believe that this bot is truly undetectable. This is very exciting but I still want to take my time while botting. No rush :) I freaking love how with the Celistral Splasher fucks up the system and lets you splash forever!
  5. a bot is never undetectable, but its wayy less detectable than other clients atm.
    Just keep botting smart cuz if u suicide bot u will always get banned, no matter how detectable a client is
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  6. skrall
    It's really cool you remember me from RsBot man! I appreciate all the support!
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    Just got level 35 magic via splashing!
    --- Double Post Merged, May 1, 2016 ---
    Been on a lot today! I found an awesome secrete 1mill an hour f2p method that I do 100% legit. Speaking of doing things legit I want to point out the importance of playing legit. I look at runemate as like a tool to use while playing runescape. Rather than just botting 100%. I notice most take the other route and suicide level 3 noobs haha. Quite a lot of bots in the f2p oldschool community as expected I've noticed.
  7. Is it grabbing monk robes or is it blessing symbols?
  8. Not that. I don't wish to share. It's kinda on the DL with me and some Real life friends.
  9. Hey there bro! I hope you update this one as well as the ones you used to! I enjoy seeing long standing progress threads. Support!
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  10. Oh heck yeah man! I am having so much fun with this 2 week success as of today on my f2p noob! I'll keep yall posted for sure. Thank you so much for the support
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    Progress Updated!
  11. nice adamant. Scrub. wheres the (g) :D
  12. Haha I am the G!
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  13. touché
  14. hope it goes better than mine lol
  15. Shout out to to all 2,600 + views in this one beautiful day! Peace and Love to all.
  16. are you only using runemate for this?
  17. Oh yes for sure! This is the only Client I really trust to tell you the truth. Always use most updated version as well.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 1, 2016, Original Post Date: May 1, 2016 ---
    40 magic from legit splashing w301 with my homies in lumby
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  18. what do you plan on doing once u get a higher combat level? bot with pgdk?
  19. Well I'm not familiar with pgdk. is that green dragon botting or something? To be honest I am not sure. I am just gonna use f2p scripts bots to get a bond and train members stuff for gp also like hunting!
  20. Green dragons, should be getting a code re-write soon. Was only the second bot I wrote for RM :p
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