RS3 F2P RS3 Fresh Acc Easy 100k No Trade 1/17/16

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  1. step 1- once u made a fresh acc, get 5gp (e.g. chop 5 trees, sell to npc)
    step 2- go to Alison Elmshaper( 2 arrows crossed on map), right above taverly, take 15 free feathers
    step 3- go to Poletax(herblore), northeast from Alison, buy 5 limpwurts roots for 1gp each
    step 4- get to varrock, activate lodestone for falador and varroc, complete tutorial for ge, sell both items at ge to get at least 6k total
    Step 5- tele to lumbridge, find Hank( fishing hook on map), north west from lodestone and buy 1k feathers for 6gp each
    Step 6-sell feathers at ge and tele to lumbridge
    Step 7 go to port sarim
    Step 7- right above port sarim lodestone is same type of shop, trade Gerrant and buy 1k feathers for 6gp each
    Step 8- tele to varrock and sell 2k feathers at current ge price @51gp each x 2k = 102000 ( fast sell)
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  2. Cool guide! I'll gonna try it today. :D


    Can we have a bot for this please? <3
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  3. Except feathers are constantly raped from shops.
  4. hello from 2016
  5. you can also buy 1k feathers at the shanty pass
  6. Shanty pass isn't f2p

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