F2P to P2P from scratch in 48 hours.

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  1. General guide from F2P to P2P from scratch in 48 hours. Note this is from G.E prices as of 18/12/2014. These methods may change for the better or worse in the next months to years. This guide is for semi experience players, only requirement is the general knowledge of RS and the use of the G.E and the Runemate Client.
    Throughout the guide I will provide multiple ways of making money F2P, all these methods combined will allow you to obtain membership in 48 hours or less.

    Future reference: "The closest water sources to a bank in free-to-play are at the Grand Exchange, Falador, and Edgeville. The fountain at the Grand Exchange is probably the best location, as it's easier to buy and sell the items involved from there" - Runescape wiki
    • First thing to do once you spawn in Taverly after the tutorial, is to walk up to the Taverly lodestone and unlock it.
    • After this can chose one of these methods - ***Note the more you do, the more money you make*** E.G while your jugs of water sell, fletch headless arrows or make dough.
    • Headless arrows, filling jugs and making pastry doughs will be the quickest methods as they're so close to the G.E and you can alternate between them.
    Method 1: "I love my women like my arrows, HEADLESS!!!"
    • Teleport to Lumbridge and walk North to the instructor to obtain a shield and sword, after that continue North into the chicken pen. Use "MaxiChickenKiller" which you can find in the bot store to kill and loot chicken feathers. Do this till you have about 2000 feathers. This shouldn't take long.
    • Once you have completed this go anywhere where Normal Trees are and cut them until you a full inventory, once you have, craft them into arrow shafts using a knife on your tool belt. Continue this until you have 2000 arrow shafts.
    • You should now have 2k feathers and 2k arrow shafts. Bind them together into headless arrows.
    • Now go to the G.E and sell them.
    • Now you have a bit of money you can buy arrow shafts and feathers from the G.E or continue to make your own arrow shafts and collect your own feathers.
    Method 2: "All the wine jugs bring the Gp to pouch, Gp to my pouch"
    • Once you have collected a small sum of money, buy "Jug of wine" from the G.E, buy as many as you can.
    • Place the Jug of wine on your ability toolbar and tap the shit out of it till they're empty. Now walk over to the fountain in the Middle of the G.E (this is the quickest besides Edgeville) and fill the jug with water.
    • Continue to do this until you have turned all your jugs of wine into jugs then into jugs of water.
    • Sell the Jugs of water on the G.E, this should roughly triple your investment.
    • ***Note you can only buy 1k jug of wine every 4 hours so you can continue this method by buying normal jugs and filling them with water. ***Note this is a lot slower as Jugs buy for 440 odd gp and jugs of water sell for 510 odd gp. Although you're able to buy 10k empty jugs every 4 hours.
    Method 3: "OG pimp, got that fat stack of dough!"
    • Head over to the lumbridge chicken den and pickup some raw chickens and cook them till you reach 10 cooking
    • Now that you have 10 cooking go to the G.E and buy Pots of Flour.
    • Make sure you have 14 in your inventory and head over to any fountain.
    • Use the pot of flour on the fountain to get pastry dough and empty pots
    • Continue with this as long as you want
    Method 4: "I don't smoke herb, I put it in water!"
    • Do the drudic ritual quest or clean guam until you reach level 5 herblore
    • Go to the G.E and buy heaps of vials of water (or save money and fill your own with the script bot in the bot store) I recommend buying them. Time is money.
    • Next buy as many CLEAN TARROMIN as you can. Make sure they're clean as cleaning them is a waste of time as you wont get exp past level 5
    • Mix the clean tarromin and the vial of water to get tarromin potion(unf)
    • Sell them to G.E rinse and repeat
    • ***NOTE you can do this with guam potions as well the profit is just a bit smaller***
    Method 5: "I iron hoes not clothes"
    • Go to any mine and mine iron ore and bank it
    • I recommend Al Kharid
    Method 6: "Is it cold in here? Oh wait it's my heart!"
    • Head over to taverly....yep right now you're thinking you should of unlocked the lodestone
    • Head north-north-west to the polar kebbit hunting ground
    • Collect them and bury the bones
    • Sell them on the G.E for $$$
    Method 7: "New from SlashnHax technologies - The Cow Mower"
    • Head over to burthrope and slaughter them cows. Pick up they're hides and beef to bank and bones to bury
    • Save up all your hides and use the Tanner in the bot store to get that little bit extra $$$

    Will continue this later, I have to go train a client.

    Peace Jesse

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  2. I'll be helping you out with method 2 here shortly
  3. Thankyou very much, loved your scripts bots over at PB. Can't wait to see your full potential.
  4. Sweet guide :D

    Killing cows at Burthorpe and looting the hide and beef could be another method :)
  5. Will do thanks :D
  6. This can be done as a daily task too, i mean this cash per day isint that bad after all :)
  7. At low levels yes but after a while there are so many better things to do.

    the max here is only 460k hour at max and that's if you collect all the items which inturn makes it a 'waste' of time for higher levels.
  8. Sweet guide. I'll try some of those tips. :D
  9. Why not have vial filling on here? :)
  10. There are so many different way to generate GP at really high rates when at a low level, which is perfect for people running bots.
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    Would be great if you could put estimates as to how much each of these could make you per hour.
  11. I haven't for a reason, I'm not your dad and I'm not going to baby step you through this. Also if I put up prices and best methods people would ignore other methods and over use that method destroying which has happened with all the moneymaking methods I have leaked. It's 2015. Use the internet. Use your initiative.
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