RS3 Farming - allotments & herbs

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Vichy, May 7, 2015.

  1. Title says it all ^^.

    Would love a bot that would do simple farming runs; supporting ectophial, lodestones and the explorer's ring cabbage port.
  2. what would even be better is that it does tree + herb runs + allotment and that u can run a second script bot that will get paused when the farm bot has to do its run.

    would be quite a project i think but it would be a good one :)
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  3. #TeamCelestial or #TeamAlpha ?
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  4. I'm working on a herb farmer that cuts ivy when idle, should be finished somewhere in the weekend (and if Cloud gets on to approve scripts bots)
  5. Oh em gee, yesss please <3
  6. this would be pretty interesting to see actually. I'd love a script bot to get my hourly herb runs in :p
  7. Pls someone, farming bot :3
  8. you could do livid farm 30-40k farm xp an hour
  9. Yeah but... Can't beat the profit you earn from doing herb runs :)
  10. takes not even 15 hours to make the cash for livid
  11. I'm still working on one but it's not currently in a state that is acceptable to be on RuneMate xd
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