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    Hello, it's FarmingSol and this is my AIO Service

    I'm offering the following services; power leveling, fight caves, questing, PvMing so far.

    You can place a order by copying + pasting below form

    What skill is it that I will be power leveling/quest you want me to do:

    Level now and what you want to achieve/Ignore if u choosed quest:

    Payment method:

    Your skype:

    Do you agree to terms of services?:

    And if you don't need any of the above this is for the PvM

    What bosses do you want me to kill:

    Your skype:

    Payment method:

    Do you agree to terms of services?:

    And this is for fight caves

    What type are you(zerk, pure, main)?:

    Payment method:

    Your skype:

    Do you agree to terms of services?:

    Terms Of Services


    1. You will not login to the account or change any password during the service, if not needed.

    2. Must provide the items/cash to buy the items required.

    3. You will go first unless trusted or be using a middleman (mm).

    4. I'm not responsible for any ban/mutes while doing the service if hand done.

    5. If I'm unable to complete the service you will get a complete refund.

    6. You will leave feedback upon complete of the order.

    7. By placing an order, you have automatically agreed to the t.o.s

    If you need to contact me you can post me a pm here on forum or add me on skype; Farmingsol.pb [​IMG]

    I'm online 14/5 on skype (14hrs/week except for weeknds I can be online on weekend but yea depends on what I'm doing pretty much.)

    I can also do these services on osrs :)

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