(Fast/Cheap/Reliable) RS3/OSRS Services

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  1. No bots will be used. All will be hand done.
    All prices are negotiable
    Skype: theonepchao

    1m 07 -> 7m RS3
    8m RS3 -> 1m 07

    (Price Varying Per Skill)
    1-99 = 25m - 50m (RS3)
    45-99 = 13m - 25m (RS3)
    75 - 99 = 15m - 20m (RS3)

    1-75 = 50gp/xp
    75+ = 20gp/xp
    Token Packages will be disugessed

    Crimson Blue Gold & Green
    100 = 1m 100 = 3m 100 = 500k
    200 = 1.5m 200 = 5m 200 = 750
    300 = 2.5m 300 = 8m 300 = 1m

    ::Kiln & Fire Cape Service::
    Fire Cape - 10m - 15m
    Melee Cape - 10m - 20m

    Range Cape - 15m - 30m
    Mage Cape - 5m - 10m

    ::Kiln Cape Requirements::
    67+ Summoning
    80+ In the Skill you want the cape in
    80+ Constitution

    ::Fire Cape Requirements::
    RS3 OSRS
    60+ Magic 43 Prayer
    20+ Range

    Free Members Quests (OSRS & RS3)

    -1m Per Quest
    -20m For All

    Members Quests
    -Negotiate On Skype

    ::Terms of Service::
    1. During a service. You may not log into, change password of the account without my permission
    2. You will Provide anything needed for service
    3. You MUST change your password after the service is completed for your own safety
    4. If you have any substantial wealth on the account, it is your responsibility to protect it
    5. Once the service is complete you must leave Vouch
    6. You must fill out the order form and post on this thread
    7. We are not responsible for any bans as everything will be with hand done.
    8. You will pay upfront or you will have one of the STAFF MEMBERS hold the cash while the service is done.
    *Breaking any of the terms of service will result in immediate termination of service with NO REFUND*

    ::Order Form::
    Agree to T.O.S:

    Vouches/Orders Done:
    99 mining.png
    kiln cape.png
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  2. Should start selling/swapping gp
  3. I don't intend to sell atm, and I can swap.
  4. Order: Waterfall quest on level 3
    Skype: bow.rs
    Agree to T.O.S: yes
  5. Done.
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  6. Updated OP, More services done.
  7. can you kill had only on rs3 lvl 127 99 mage u will have ancient magics spells to kill him and lots of food/prayer how much will it cost
  8. Quest fast and easy!
  9. Kill what?
    It'll cost you like 2m rs3.
  10. he is killing Jad for me :D will post to confirm that he did it when he's done
  11. Done jad order. Had to restart from wave 1 due to dc death.
  12. Got me firecape i originally asked him to kill jad only but he dced so he started the whole caves again with his own supplies. great guy :D

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