RS3 Few Non-PvM Money Making Methods - F2P & P2P

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  1. Remember, there are tons of methods. These are just few ones that I am or have used in the past with sucess.



    Pale Energy: 100-200K/H
    Requirements: None.
    Pros: AFK and no requirements.
    Cons: Low GP/H.

    Teleport to Draynor and just start harvesting the energy at the divination spot. Sell to G.E at MED price for profit.

    Headless Arrows: 300-600K/H
    Starting Cash (500K+).
    Pros: AFK and no skill requirements.
    Cons: Needs a bit of starting money.

    At G.E buy some feathers and arrow shafts, make them into headless arrows. Sell them for MED price for profit. Repeat. Note: The more you invest the more you will make, simple as that.

    Drinking Wine: 400-500K/H
    Starting Cash (300K+).
    Pros: Decent money and no skill requirements.
    Cons: Needs a bit of starting money.

    At G.E buy some jug of wine, drink and sell the empty jug at MED price for profit. Same as above. Your profit depends on the investment you make. Sidenote; watch the buy limit. Also for faster drinking, bind the jug of wine to your action bar and just press & hold down that button, enjoy the profit.

    High Alching: 400-800K/H
    55 Magic, Staff of Fire, Nature Runes and Starting Cash (1m+).
    Pros: Decent Magic experience (~65K/H) and Money.
    Cons: Tedious and needs a bit of starting money.

    High Alch basically all of the Rune items and Adamant Platebodies. Just make sure you are not buying the items above high alch price.

    Collecting Wine: 1M-1,5M/H
    Requirements: 33 Magic, Staff of Air and Law Runes
    Pros: Decent Magic experience and amazing money.
    Cons: Tedious and competitive.

    Falador loadstone and run north. To avoid aggro make sure to world hop via the friends list and make sure your friend is in a F2P world.


    Making (unf) Potions: 2M-2,5M/H
    49 Herblore, 49 Dungeoneering
    Pros: AFK and amazing money
    Cons: Low herblore experience (2-2,5K/H) per hour.

    The 49 Herblore & Dungeoneering is for the scroll of cleansing, not required but highly recommended.
    The unfinished potions you should focus on are: Toadflax, Kwuarm, Lantadyme, Dwarf Weed, Snapdragon.

    Herb Runs: 2,2M-2,8M/H
    32+ Farming
    Pros: AFK after each run and amazing money, good farming experience.
    Cons: Pretty much the wait between runs.

    I recommend that you use perfect juju farming potion while doing runs.

    Making Mud Runes: 3M-3,5M/H (1/2 if you are below 75 Runecrafting)
    Requirements: 13 (75 recommended) Runecrafting, 82 Magic, 93 Summoning (recommended), 50 Firemaking.
    Pros: Amazing money if you have 75+ Runecrafting.
    Cons: Kind of high(ish) requirements if you want to do it efficiently.

    Making Nature Runes: 3,3M-3.7M/H
    91 Runecrafting, 57+ Summoning.
    Pros: Amazing money
    Cons: 91 Runecrafting if you want to do it efficiently.

    Harvesting Cursed Energy: 3,4M-4M/H
    95 Divination
    Pros: Pure profit. I've been using this method since the release of cursed energies and made well over 400m from it so far.
    Cons: 95 Divination and lurking PKers.
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  2. Incad energy
  3. I do nature runs without follower and make around 2.5m an hour on it.

    How fast can I get from 45 to 57 summoning?
  4. Shouldn't take long at all, 1 hour or less depending on what charms you go with.
  5. I find that farm runs shouldn't be calculated like that. You can only do one every 75 minutes, so it can't make you that amount per hour.

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