RS3 Finally Maxed!

Discussion in 'RS3' started by Insomniac, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. The struggle... is finally over; I'm maxed! Thanks to @EvilCabbage @Dryrr @skrall for giving me the motivation to reach this goal. Thanks to RuneMate for doing all the hard work;) Truth be told, maxed is just a mid-way goal for my upcoming (hopefully) completionist cape. I'm not going to write a long guide though... Skrall covers most of the methods anyways. However, if you have a question regarding max-related stuff just post here or PM me:)
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  3. Congratulations man, I'm at 2400 at the moment so not far away anymore either. :p
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  4. Not only RuneMate due to having 99-skills prior to using it. I did, however, get 99 Divination, Hunter, Crafting and Smithing with RM.
    Don't suicide man:/ Hopefully you'll get maxed too very soon(tm):)
  5. Hope you get banned bb.
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  6. Gratz Man. Hopefully I'll be the next person to get Max cape with RM; I currently have a total level higher than 2510. GL on your trip to completionist cape.
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  7. I have a 2535 total at the moment, from 2490 a few weeks back so I hope to be close soon
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  8. I'm doing all legit now. Hopefully no delayed ban:(
    Thanks man! You should be able to get this cape soon because most of the skills nowadays are buyables or do-able with warbands.
    Not that long till maxed:p
  9. Very nice :D
    I could've been maxed but chose 120 construction instead. :p
  10. That would be hilarious, but so so sad.
  11. Not too late for maxed doe;)
    I'd be so mad if that happens;_;
  12. I gave up on Runescape due to irl things, still make a good €20-30/day from it so i'm happy.
  13. That's great but.. how is that relevant in any way?
  14. He asked me if i go for maxed, i say i give up on it.
  15. Oops nevermind, my bad
  16. damn nice, I'm trying to max this summer - I achieved 4 99s this week (14 99s in total now) :)
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  17. Should be doable:) However, 99 slayer doe...
  18. I think I'll have a lot more trouble with 99 farming than slayer but slayer is definitely a close second in terms of being hardest/boring
  19. Farming is easy with warbands + tree runs. I used to do cheap tree runs with Yews, Papayas and Calquats. Like 60-70k xp per run and you could do two runs daily with Yews and Papayas. I only paid to protect Papayas because it was cheap. Scroll of life if you want to do it even cheaper.
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  20. Nice, this makes me wanna bot on my main but really really careful.

    What bots did you use that were from runemate?

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