OSRS Fire runecrafting with ring of dueling

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  1. Crafting fire runes with a ring of dueling is one of the fastest ways to 44 runecrafting. With duel ring teleports, the average round-trip time if walking to the fire altar is ~35 seconds if minimising game tick loss (i.e. teleporting right after the animation finishes). This allows for ~20,000 experience an hour. If running to the altar + teleports, one can expect ~27,000 experience an hour, if minimising tick loss. The average round-trip time in this case is ~26 seconds.

    Fire altar
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  2. This would have been very useful when I trained to 44. Only takes a couple of hours but it's quite click intensive for the average botter/afker. But Geashaw your name is green, you got this!
  3. That's why I requested it, I don't really have the time to maintain it.
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    Bump, preeeeaaaaasseeee!

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