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  1. Simple Firemaker bot that at least takes maple logs from bank, burns them and repeats...

    Alpha firemaker is not working and bot author does not respond for a month or more....
  2. @Qosmiof2 was working on one, maybe he will have more motivation to finish it if more people will want it! Like this to let him know that you want this!
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  3. Got one working at varrock west. Will upload it once I speed up performance a bit. Also includes progressive burning. It'll move up through the diff types of logs as you level if you choose to ;) Currently using it to get myself to 50 for desert treasure.

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    Yeah it's basically done. My first taskscript which is probably overkill for a firemaker, so if there are too many bugs I'll rewrite it as a loopingscript. I couldn't find any really; pushing to the store now.

    Edit: Took it down because it was really buggy. Going to rewrite as a looping script bot and re-release.
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