first time using runemate m9

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Grumble, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    this wasnt even possible with that powerbot shitbot

    thx runemate saved my life
  2. They are so greedy with their 2 hours limitation... Why have a limitation when it only takes 20min to get banned using their shit unupdated scripts bots :/
  3. no idea, liked the botclient before timer came :/
  4. you can't compare Powerbot and Runemate ...
  5. no idea ... I can get 90+ runecrafting easy with rsbot though ...
  6. RuneMate is better.End of discussion.
  7. are you an idiot its easy. Powerbot has cancerous members, runemate ok runemate has wyd. Powerbot has terrible looking bot, runemate doesnt. Powerbot has a higher banrate. Powerbot is a paid bot which a free 2 hour limit trial. Runemate is a 100% free bot.
  8. powerbot members online 514 Runemate 61 ...
    Jagex is probably able to ban everyone using runemate they're just not doing it cus Runemate isn't causing problems.
  9. RuneMate is new = it takes time to get people.

    Powerbot is popular = Most people know of them.

    RuneMate is currently not really populair at all.Thats because we're new
  10. It's a bad thing that powerbot has that many users... not a good thing at all.
  11. Unfortunately you are one of those people like soccer moms who says stuff when they know nothing about anything. Learn more about bot detection.
  12. Why are you even on this forum if I may ask.First you complaint about my ChopNShaft script bot.Afther that you wrote "I don't give a fuck" about the status I told you.We have Cloud & Arbiter,they are way more better at coding then Timer & Paris.
  13. I know that there is proof enough of jagex:

    Focusing on big bots using client detection and other stuff.
    Having methods to ban smaller bots but they're not really effective.
  14. In no way I'm saying that Powerbot is good, or anything like that. I'm just making you see the reality. Runemate is a great bot ( for now ) But if it gets a popular as Rsbot/Powerbot you're going to get banned a lot more. You're talking like Runemate is the best bot out there and that you will never get hit by any banwaves.
  15. The reality is that you are a faggot that registered on this forum and blame our bot.Take your shit and go away.
  16. Cut it out. Insults are pointless. To some extent they are right, as we grow Jagex will begin to target us more. The difference is in the way and pace that we develop. Instead of doing crazy rewrites like "RSBot 7", we focus on the problem and fix it using whatever means are necessary.
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  17. Nah first gotta leech ....
  18. Indeed but I don't think that you can do a lot. On another forum people have been working on detecting fake mouse/keyboard input. And they said it was pretty easy to detect it. But I don't believe Jagex is intrested in banning "all" bots at all I think they're just trying to make the game look bot free. So that's the good hope, Jagex and their need for money xD
  19. The difference regarding our mouse and keyboard input is that ours are based on biometrics. Our movements are taken from humans and because of that there is no pattern to detect within them.
  20. Nah I'm not talking about that. It's possible to detect that it's not a real keyboard/mouse typing/clicking but software.

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