OSRS Fishy's bank atm...

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by EvilCabbage, May 18, 2015.

  1. Cash out and quit that shit.
  2. Holy shit isin't that like tens of thousands dollars?
  3. I'm sure thats over $50.000 assuming you sell it for shitty rates.
  4. That is a fucking joke. He is just going to get banned again eventually. Might as well cash out now.
  5. Too true. I also really wonder why he doesn't spread it over multiple accounts with multiple IP's that aren't associated with each other in any way.
  6. He runs the site "RuneBet" along with other famous rs gamblers. This account probably holds all the wealth for cashouts and shit.
  7. Highly doubt that as all jagex would have to do is find and ban this account and they would be over with.
  8. .. how would they do that?
  9. I'm more than certain that they could find this account, that has like 30x max cash osrs.
  10. Why else would he hide the RSN? And do you really think that he made all that money through staking?
  11. and im here with 10mill rs3
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  12. I'm assuming he runs multiple account with calculations for staking and also his Runebets profit.
    He had spend the time when he had it and can now with that knowledge make money.
    I'm 100% sure he's selling, you just know. :)
    But nice for him, we aren't better.
  13. His staking videos are all staged, same goes for winallday... I know because I know. The only reason for why Fishy went out and posted the vid was because of PR. Also, profiting on a maxed combat account in long-term staking won't work.

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