RS3 Fletching Gainz Strong or nah?!?

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Factionless, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. ~33.3m fletching xp on my skiller. My goal is 104m for level 120.
  2. yeah confirmed gainz
  3. Pretty good. Are you still doing 24/7?
  4. Is any fletching bot working atm on Runemate?
    OT: Great gainz bruh.
  5. MaxiFletcher works for me on RS3

    I don't play OSRS so I couldn't tell you if it works there or not.
  6. Yes whenever I bot it's non-stop.
    I don't know. Never tried any of them. The only bots I've tried are my own, and @Defeat3d 's divination bot.
  7. What do you bot with then? o_O
  9. What method? exp/h and gp/exp?
  10. I'm cutting maples (because they make me a little bit of money), about 100k xp per hour, and idk the profit, but I guess it triples what I spend on logs (or more)
  11. How's the progress now?
  12. Banned.
  13. Damn, nice. Keep going, bud.
  14. Im doing the same as you! Gl with it! Im gonna bot 24/7 fletching now instead of hunter! Goodluck! :)
  15. Currently, if you buy maple logs and sell maple longbow(U) you get about 5x return. I invested 250k in 8803 logs (1k less than what I need for 55-70) and I'll be getting about 1.2M in return. Atm yews are shit profit.

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