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  1. Hello there i recently posted a thread with a vps which would take 1 week to process,
    i have found a new one witch takes 45min to process here is a quick tutorial Sine up here for 1gp extra space


    last for ever Happy 24/7 botting,
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  2. how long does the vps last? and spelling correction witch= which :p
  3. lasts forever
  4. lol sweet those vps sellers are rip offs then oh btw any idea whats the specs on the vps processor space etc wise
  5. kinda sht if you click that link you get an extra 1gb ram

    better than nothing though
  6. xD ur right better then nothing.
  8. :) let me know if you have any other questions and here is a tut on how to get java ot ps your ide koding,com is your notepad or what ever so when you get code put it in there.
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    yes i am going to code and release a cronjob scr.ipt once i finish my vps. @Hazard

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