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  1. I must maintain a 1:1 free to private bot ratio, but should this ratio be the number of free bots I upload compared to the number of private bots I upload? It looks like it's # of free bots I upload to the number of private authorizations I can give bc I'm the amount of private authorizations I can give right now is limited, even though I have more free bots than private on the store.

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  3. I find this to be extremely limited also. but i see the reasoning behind it. It's so Runemate get's profit/users of the public bots and not only private ones that dont get them any $$.
  4. Yeah. I would understand that if the ratio was free bots to private bots, not free bots to private authorizations.
  5. It is intentionally limited by authorizations so someone doesn't try to bypass the limitation by making one mega private bot that does a load of functions based on the user running it.
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    No for reasons specified above. As such, marking as resolved.

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