Free VPN? (Lol Hotspot)

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  1. Have been having issue getting accounts started in F2P OSRS.

    I manually do tutorial island (since the bot for it atm is a little buggy, thought it might be causing the bans) and auto walker to draynor bank, deposit all but wc axe, auto walker to port sarim, manually walk to south of rimmington, and using MaxiWoodcutter to cut normal trees to 15, oaks to 30, willows to 60. I never spend more than 8 hours at a time doing all of this, and my last account I tried only just got to 30 WC before it got banned (Had logged out after 30 WC and was banned by the time I logged back in). I used to be able to get to 60 wc on willows and 60-75ish on yews.

    My IP has probably been flagged, but every time I get an account banned I change IP via VPN (Hotspot shield. Shitty I know but it's better than nothing and it's free). On this, I think it's possible I'm cycling through the same IPs through Hotspot so I'm bouncing between multiple flagged IPs. This is the most likely cause of my bans that I can think of.

    tl;dr: Used to be able to bot a long time, now getting banned almost instantly. Wanting to know if anyone knows of a free VPN besides lolHotspot
  2. Don't use free proxies. Believe me, every botter looking for proxies has abused the fuck out of them and if anythings flagged it's those proxies.

    Your best bet is to find a company who sells proxies that aren't specifically made for RuneScape at all.
  3. Any recommendations on cheaper ones?
  4. You can find people selling proxies @
  5. Oh shit I'm glad you pointed that out. There's actually a lot of free ones listed there that do look hopeful. I figure I'll keep trying until Jagex forces my hand and makes me purchase one :p
  6. No problem....
  7. Problem is, none of them allow me to connect to Runemate.. Guessing they have those VPNs blocked or something...
  8. I'm using, it's limited to about a month per and 2GB data per free account. Just register a new e-mail address if you need a new account on their website.
  9. It looks good, I'm going to try it. Thanks.
  10. So I got TropiVPN and I get "Could not connect to the server" whenever I try to connect to the Runemate client -_- /sigh
  11. Try harder lol:p
  12. Where you able to find a good vpn?
  13. Scumbag @Falixus didn't report back here lol :p
  14. LOl dang.. i really need one to be safe
  15. I'd go with though, although I wouldn't be surprised if that IP would be flagged already as it's a free VPN.
  16. Yeah as far as free vpns go. Im pretty sure most botters have used those ips. I just created a new account, and just trying to stay under the radar as far as possible. What vpns do you use, maybe pm me if you dont want others to know lol :/
  17. I'm using only as I'm not botting on it :p
  18. But as far as bot go, you dont have any in mind?
  19. SecurityKISS was a good free one that I used back in the day.

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