RS3 From Dust to Diamonds: A RuneMate Journey

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  2. good luck.
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  3. You too :p
  4. The title sounds really gay :--)
  5. Thnx I was thinking of you when I made it.
  6. come to discord m8
  7. Thnx bb good luck on your RuneMate journey :----)
  8. Plot twist: already banned.

    :p <3
  9. Moved to goals.

    Good luck!
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  11. Added an update.
  12. goodluck :)
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  13. Thanks :D
  14. Slash man where's the progress updates
  15. It's one of the 99% of goals that get forgotten about.
  16. Only 99%? Also Slash where's the OSRS progress thread? cmon b0ss
  17. I haven't used this account since the last update xD
  18. we want progress! :p

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