OSRS [From Scratch] Road To Gainz (xp/gp)

Discussion in 'Goals' started by Factionless, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. I decided to make an OSRS account that I will not bot on, at all.

    First Day (evening):

    Update 2:
    Update 3:
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  2. Nice! Interesting to see your progress
  3. You should quest those early levels if you aint gonna bot them, good luck!
  4. Don't lie niqqa, we all know that you, sooner or later, will end up botting anyways:p OSRS skilling is too damn tough.
  5. I have several other accounts that I bot on, so there is no need to bot on this one. I want to play legit like I used to, before I was infected with this disease of botting.
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  6. Good luck doe. Your true words made me shed a tear or two:)
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  7. lmao
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    Updated with day 2
  8. day 3 = banned?
    I just haven't played in a while. Runescape is boring as fuck.
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    Fuck forgot to update this thread. Just updated my progress, I was taking a break from rs, but im back now. I've been focusing on woodcutting for a couple weeks.
  10. Start doing quests man, I can just tell that you don't by your stats!
  11. Quests are such a drag... I hate running around the world.

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