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  1. I think it would be nice to be able to give our stored accounts aliases so those of use with many accounts added that have weird emails can easily know which account is which. @Arbiter
  2. Ability to add multiple accounts at once would be useful as well.
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  3. While we're at it, ability to put accounts into titled groups would be super useful too.
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  4. Being able to see a list of active bots ( instances) on the website would be awesome too, along with the ability to terminate, or pause or see the status/current activity of the bot ( Attacking Man, Running to varrock, taking a break.. etc)
  5. I believe that sort of idea is planned already although i dunno about the status thing.
  6. What about being able to see who is using your bot currently?
  7. Well for starters all suggestions should be in separate threads, yes we made more suggestions in the comments too, so if they don't get paid attention to that's our own fault. Just so you know for next time. In regards to your suggestion, i don't think @Arbiter will ever implement that, from what he's said in the past he likes to value the users privacy and disclosing which bots they're running and when would be in violation of that. But yeah, I've thought similar, more so that it would be good to know who each exception log came from. I think I suggested that to arbiter and that's when he mentioned the whole privacy thing.
  8. What about just getting to see how many people are currently running your bot, or is that already available?
  9. You can filter by hourly stats in the usage stats panel, that's as close as you can get at the moment.
  10. I'm on board with this idea, but it will require an implementation change on @Vaped's end, so it's on the back burner.

    I might implement CSV import to facilitate this.

    Not doing this one. It adds too much complexity to the UI, which most of our users can't handle. These are the same people that can't figure out how Spectre works, so keep that in mind for future suggestions.

    In the roadmap, but there are some big tasks that take priority over it so it may be a while.

    Violates user privacy. See @Aidden's and @SlashnHax's posts for details. The granularity you have right now in usage stats is the most you'll ever have.
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  11. +1 for CSV import
  12. Implemented CSV bulk import and it'll be in the next build.
  13. What about account alias?
  14. Need @Vaped on that.
  15. @Cloud Still waiting for this <3
  16. We need to modify the account spec to include an optional alias field.

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  17. And show the alias in the accounts list if one's set, otherwise show the email as it currently does.
  18. Along with this, proxy systems would be nice.
  19. This belongs in a separate thread. And afaik it's not possible to implement it into runemate itself because of how we use the official client. What you can do is get a separate program that is used to apply proxies to specific programs and use it on the runescape client or use a vps.
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