Resolved GameObjects have new names and empty actions?

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  1. Not sure if this is a bug or supposed to happen or I'm just going crazy. Could it have been the most recent OSRS update?

    Previously I could find a ladder via GameObjects newQuery searching for a name "Ladder" with a certain action.

    Code (Text):
    1. "
    2. GameObjects.newQuery().names("Ladder").actions("Climb-up").results().nearest();
    But now that returns null. Removing the actions also returns null, whereas yesterday this same code would find the ladder fine. Used the development toolkit to search for the gameobject used when originally writing the code, and now it's name is Stepladder (but ingame it shows "Ladder')? and it no longer has actions to interact with, but the actual in game object has the actions to climb-up and examine.

    To interact with it now I have to use "".
    Also happens with trapdoors and similar objects.
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    Also seems to be happening with Deposit Boxes.
    Haven't had the problem with gates as much, so it's not all game objects, but I'd say a good amount.
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    @Cloud, Arbiter said it's a problem with cache and to upload my jagexcache and post in client support, but this was already posted so figured I'd attach it here.

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  3. What does the local state look like using the dev toolkit?
  4. I've had the same issue since latest OSRS update - Slash helped me "fix" one issue but I'm not sure how it'll work with the other one.
  5. What'd he help you fix? Locally I can do a workaround using coordinates but that's really only effective for left click options.

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    @SlashnHax for both objects it returns using coordinates (returns id:#319 for one with no name, and "stepladder" for the other), local state is null.
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    Get anything figured out? <3
  6. You could force Menu interaction on the object's coordinate, see if the menu contains the option you want to interact with, and then do Menu.getItem("Action").click();

  7. That's what I've been doing. Didn't want it to resort to that as opposed to what I could do before the update :confused: Hope it isn't permanent.
  8. Guys, just spoke to Cloud about this. He's aware of the issue and said a fix will be worked on soon (possibly by Monday).
    I hope you're having a nice anniversary vacation @Cloud :)
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  9. Same issue here
  10. Monday?! Come on based @Cloud.

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  11. This issue was resolved on monday as I had said it would be.
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  12. Cloud is love, cloud is life
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