Getting Banned May Not Be From Scripts

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by opticness, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. So I began botting again this week, and before getting serious into it, I've been running some test bots and botting 12-15+ hours a day on 2 accounts at a time. I know this wasn't smart; however, it was simply a test to figure out some stuff.

    And behold, today after about 3-4 days, I have been banned. However, when I went to log in through the client, I got completely in and logged into the world. Within seconds, I lost connection and it kicked me off. When trying to log in, the ban message appeared.

    I checked my messages, and sure enough, that "message" saying I was banned was sent at the exact time I lost connection. And this isn't just a coincidence; right after I went to check the other bot to see, and the same result happened.

    My only logical conclusion (reason with me) is to blame the client. I'm not mad or upset I got banned; however, I'm not sure if it's the scripts bots fault. One account was on a 1-day break after transferring some stuff to another account, and the other I used overnight. However, neither account received a ban message until the minute I tried to log in. Keep in mind I was able to log in and get into the world, then got kicked off. Even though RuneMate's client is said to be undetectable, I'm not sure how true that is.

    Please realize I completely support RuneMate and love using it, but this is simply some information formed over doing this. I wonder if anyone else who has been banned had the same situation I did, because my account was fully functioning until I logged in, then it became banned and I received the email at that time.

    Thank you for reading, feel free to share your input!
  2. It might be; however, I use 2 different computers to bot. One of the accounts has never botted on the computer I tried to log in on, so I'm not sure how that works.
  3. Isn't your external IP the same for both computers if connected to the same network?
  4. Sometimes. I commute to college so I bot while I'm here when I'm not in class. I normally bot at home, but I tried to log on on the college network and that's when I received both bans.
  5. Did you recieve your ban right afther you logged in at your college?
  6. Yep, on both accounts. I did log in through the RuneMate client.
  7. Is there a big distance between your home to college?Also they can flag you I think so, so you would recieve your ban later.
  8. It's about 15 miles away. I do know they can ban you later, but I'm just confused as to how I received the ban right after logging in, and was actually able to get into the game on both accounts before getting banned.
  9. I heard they can flag you and you will recieve your ban later(example ; banwaves). I think you can be unlucky tho.
  10. I might be, not too sure. Maybe they just waited until I logged in to confirm the activity as botting, I'm not really sure. As long as I can keep creating accounts and botting, I will!
  11. Botting is always a risk.But I think its because the IP switches(not very sure about it tbh).Just create another account and keep going :D
  12. This sounds like you were profiled if anything. 15+ hours a day for 4 running days on each account. That sounds like a profiled account ban. x 2 in this instance. I would simply create an account or 2 do a few quests then just log out. Leave it a few days then come back to it. I'm currently botting right now and have been for the past month. This is on my main too ;)
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  13. That's what I'll be doing! I'm gonna try to only access the accounts from home and see if the bans continue, and also probably lower my botting amount to be safer. We'll see, thanks for your input!
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  14. So I have a question on what you said at the end. You're botting on your main. Do you fully trust botting on a valuable account? Because I did at once on my main, and got banned. Now I was botting more than I should, but still. Do you fully trust the scripts bots?
  15. Watching some of the scripts bots. No I don't but that isn't the script bot writers fault. The logic is there it's the client that is the culprit. How I manage to keep my account alive is the amount of switching between scripts bots/quests. I finished lunar diplomacy yesterday, took me an hour and a half. Before that i went from 3 crafting to 61 for the requirements. I did that by hand as there are no working scripts bots for crafting. It's all about mixing your stuff up, Breaking evenly and never ever bot for the same amount of time for each day doing the same things
  16. That makes sense. I think I'm gonna work on getting my bot accounts better and doing some stuff legit on them to balance it out. As much as I love careless botting on useless accounts, I want to work up to have good accounts.

  17. How many others use the college ip to bot? food for thought
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  18. That's a very good point, there's no telling. The campus only has about 10,000 students, but out of those there's bound to be several I'm sure. Very interesting point.
  19. If it was the bot we'd all be banned for detection.

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