Giveaway [Deadline: May 23, 2015]

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    Prize: 1-99 Woodcutting, fletching, or firemaking; with no risk of ban.

    To enter all you need to do is reply with which one of those skills you wish to win. All supplies will be paid for by me.

    • You must have more than 1 post count.
    • Like this thread ;)
    • One entry per person.
    Once the deadline is met, I will randomly generate a number, from 1 to however many replies this thread received.

    [Note: This is for RS3 only.]
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  2. Firemaking ploz
  3. How about Hunter or Smithing?

    Fine, woodcutting plz.
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  4. woodcutting yes pls
  5. How long would this take?
  6. Woodcutting breh
  7. woodcutting plz
  8. woodcutting 93-99 pls :)
  9. 1-99 fletching supplies would be amazingly helpful!
  10. 99 Fletching would really be nice!
  11. Woah, this sounds sexy, I'm in :p
  12. Updated the rules guys xD
  13. this aint facebook with like this post.. i feel like ur trolling now :/
  14. I'm a man of my word. I gave @Energy 99 woodcutting already for free.
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  15. Firemaking
  16. can I have likes too pls

    I want to beat arbiter
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  17. Like 4 like?
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  18. Deal. (like this)
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  19. Liked.

    Okay let's quit here, we have like 6 entries each now xD
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