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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by douglasyc2, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. soo i use 2 accounts to farm with runemate and after i just transfer my gold to another account that i flip with the money on my phone (companion app).
    last 5 mins when i logged in on this account and one of my bots to transfer the money to the flipper account it got permed in 3 minutes (was using rm in both clients).
    Just wanted to know if my accounts are fucked and banned (delayed ban) or i just got unlucky on my flipper account
    inb4 my flipper is a level 3 account
  2. There are some weird ban things happening right now. No way to tell for sure if it's client detection at the moment but you'd be better off using the normal client for the mule atleast.
  3. Was this on RS3? I just logged into one of my accounts on RS3 (haven't used it in 5+ months) and got instant prem banned.
  4. yes was in rs3 , maybe we are detected again holy fk
  5. Spectre will be out soon which should alleviate most of the ban issues. Arbiter has been around the Jagex block for years now combating them and Cloud is a genius, things like this happen. Part of the botting game.
  6. I was banned for 2 days, because i logged in on runemate. I didnt even run a bot/script bot.
  7. Why would you use RM client on your mule?
  8. yeah i think runemate is detected all my accounts that i botted on powerbot isnt banned and my runemate ones is banned `--

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