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Discussion in 'General' started by LBTRAD, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Looking for someone that has experience within OSRS & RS3 with botting that would be interested in setting up a gold farming set of accounts to potentially make money... If your interested let me know il leave my skype below.

    Skype - LBTRAD
  2. Nice. I want to start out, also. I'll hit you up. :)
  3. Also interested :)
  4. Thanks for taking an interest any questions feel free to leave below or contact me on skype for more details.

    Skype - LBTRAD
  5. if you need help just contact me i have made over 10b from gold farming
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  6. Thanks
  7. just starting mine again
  8. Yeah I have a plan know what im doing would just be looking for a partner... Someone I can trust but has experience... Looking to make some money not sit around with 100 million gold on runescape
  9. 100 million isnt that much :p
  10. I would
  11. 100 million isnt much but I said with it stuck in an account ;) Not much good with it being sat there doing nothing now is it
  12. Gold has crashed in the last few weeks so I highly doubt this is worth your troubles.
  13. Not how its been going for the past week of gold farming :) Thanks for your vote of confidence.
  14. I've been goldfarming for quite some time now and its not nearly what it used to be. Personally I'm close to stopping because the money I make compared to the troubles isn't worth it.
  15. My accounts run 24/7 and maybe just maybe I input one hour of my time into them to reset them whatever needs to be done... On total I bring in 20,000,000 gold per day with the 4/5 accounts I have going right now and il be expanding it so... Dont know what issues you seem to be having but best of luck
  16. 20m/day is not what I consider goldfarming, to me goldfarming is a job that I can use to pay my bills.
  17. 20m per day? That is bad...

    Each of my accounts are making a stable 43m per day.
  18. Even with 43m a day thats still not great. If I am going to waste my time goldfarming I have to make enough gold a day to cover most of my bills.
  19. Lol what? Ok so saying 5 accounts running 43m a day is not good?

    That is more than enough to pay for bills...That shit makes me $258 a day even when selling to goldfarm sites for 1.00-1.20 per mill.

    You obviously don't know much.
  20. I thought we were talking about RS3 goldfarming my bad.
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    Lol "obviously don't know much"

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