Good skill to bot with restrictions?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by douglasyc2, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. soo i got busted and im on the final advise soo i got this restrictions:
    can't go on will nor trade / use ge
    I want to know a good skill to bot until the ban lift up
    My account doesn't got high combat level (around 50 )
  2. Woodcutting, mining, fishing?
  3. RS3/OSRS ?
  4. restrictions are only given on rs3 as far as im aware
  5. rs3 maybe fishing for some cash after?
  6. Ah okay

    @op since its rs3, it doesnt really matter because you wont be banned anyways (unless you bot a lot)
    maybe try some gathering skills where you dont need to buy resources like potions or so :)
  7. can i do some gathering 1 to 99 in 1 week?
  8. "Gathering"?
  9. i mean fishing , mining , wc , div... etc...
    i mean gathering skills, if i can do one of then 1-99 in 1 week
  10. Don't know about a week, maybe if you bot 24/7 without getting caught, ye. I'd do woodcutting, it's easy & somewhat fast.
  11. woodcutting is possible, yes
  12. of course you could aswell bot agility, as you cant trade anyway atm
  13. Woodcutting by far.

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