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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by xlvr, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. So I was walking around using OSBuddy, and decided to log on to RuneMate. Got banned the instant I logged in using the RuneMate client. Definitely my fault for logging into the client after a system update, but this may mean they're banning anyone that logs in to the client.

    perm ban
  2. Client isn't detectable, you were probably flagged for banning prior.
  3. The fact that it's a macro major and countless other people who are logged in haven't been banned yet make me think there's more to the story.

    Have you botted before on this account, with RuneMate or any other bot client?
  4. This ^ I'm currently logged in on 2 different bots, one osrs, and one rs3. one is p2p, the other is f2p. there has to be more to the story :)
  5. yeah i've botted on this account before, but I've never used any other clients
  6. That's why you got banned then :p
  7. iv also got 2 bots running on rs3 both p2p and they are still working great and not banned!
  8. I was on OSRS; heard they're stricter for that version. Anyway, at least I have more incentive to continue my ironman.
  9. were you f2p?
  10. no clue then.. I've been running an osrs bot for weeks now. switching between bots every 4-6 days. not banned. would you mind sharing what bots you used?
  11. I used all kinds of bots, a few of Slashnhax's, a few of Aidden's; switched between them pretty frequently.
  12. Not too sure then, as I've also been using a few of their bots. may have just been a random occurrence. hope you didnt lose much :)
  13. The switching between the two may have flagged something up, generally speaking you usually should stick to one skill or related, IE Woodcutting works with Firemaking or Fletching etc. Use a Vpn and try and stick with one script bot, or contact your provider for a new IP.

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