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  1. Hello everyone. I decided to make an account and post an introduction, after lurking and scanning over the forums for a few days. I have never botted on RS before, however I used to play when OSRS was simply RS. I do play a lot of video games in my free time, and I have had plenty of free time lately.

    I have a handful of bookmarks of guides located across these forums to get started. If anyone wouldn't mind linking any they think I might have missed, please go ahead. Also If I need to post a discussion about this I can do that, instead of it being in my introduction.

    I currently have one RS3 P2P account, soon going to be F2P as I don't wish to renew it, instead looking towards buying a bond instead using a couple botted F2P accounts. I attempted to try and come up with the cash in a legit way, however it simply wasn't enough, and I don't have the nerve to sit and grind constantly myself.
    My biggest question at the moment, since the change to the new Runemate Spectre is how will I keep the different accounts separate, IP wise? I do not have a dynamic IP, So will I have to use a VPN/Proxy? I essentially want to keep my main, non-botting P2P account completely separate from the botting ones when it comes to any form of IP.
    I'm also not aware of where the jagex cache I hear so much about is at, if someone could possibly tell me that also.

    Sorry for such a messy list of questions, I just wanted to be as informed as possible that way I don't sound like a babbling n00b later on. :p
    Thank you, and I'll see all of you around!
  2. All you have to do is get a proxy to work with the legit client. Proxifier can be set to work with programs iirc, and you can also proxy based on worlds using the world URL I hear.

    The Jagex Cache is located in your user home directory.
  3. Thank you SlashnHax, I found my cache and I took a look at Proxifier.
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  4. You could also rent a cheap vps for 4$ and run your bot on there for 12 hrs a day
  5. Vps for 4$/m? Specs?
  6. 4 gb ram Idk processor. It's fast enough to run runemate smooth on low graphics. You'll run Linux though.
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  7. Not that that's a bad thing ;)
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  8. Not imo, but it's to difficult for lots of people. Had a bit of struggles myself :$

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