OSRS Hacked While using Runemate

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Runemate or the personal scripts?

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  1. demonbaby666

    Nov 13, 2018
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    Not here to bash runemate in anyway. Just warning for some people..

    Hello, Im new here and new to botting as well. Runemate seemed easy to use so I picked it up.
    Got started botting, everything seemed great. I never click links, Never download ANYTHING random, this is my only botting client. Only things downloaded on this PC are games from steam. I do virus scans and updates almost every other day. Change passwords frequently. Im very cautious

    After using the bot I stop for a bit to avoid ban. Come back to my PC and try to log into my OSRS acc. It says someone is logged in... I was shocked. I quickly change the password and try again. I get in but, everything gone. I dont think runemate is behind it but I assume the random scripts bots made by other people allow them to also gain access to certain things.

    Be careful people. pce
  2. American Express

    American Express RuneMate Staff

    Oct 2, 2015
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    Sorry to hear that you were hacked, but I can assure you it wasn't due to RuneMate or Bot Authors.

    I am posting below the same information I do every time this topic comes up to help clarify the situation:

    • Are you sure you haven't used an easy to guess username/password combination?
    • Or that you're using a combination that has been leaked from an external database breach?
    • Or you downloaded a gold generator or similar program?
    • Clicked on any suspicious URLs from Twitch streams etc?

    There is NO way RuneMate would hack you for your gold/items. We would not risk our entire reputation over the small amount of gold/items any user would have.

    Furthermore, from the moment you enter your username/password combination in to the client, the information is immediately encrypted and impossible for anyone to read and use.

    Bot Authors do not have access to your username or password. The only person who does is YOU.

    There have been many accusations of this over the years and almost every single time without fail the user has later determined the fault occurred elsewhere.

    To summarise and make it extremely clear, RuneMate did not hack you and steal your items.
  3. Arbiter

    Arbiter Mod Automation

    Jul 26, 2013
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    Individual bots do not have access to credentials of any sort. In addition, every line of every version of every bot is reviewed by a proprietary scanner for malicious code and manually by a Staff member. In over a decade of being in the business, we have never had a single breach of any size.
  4. G Tron

    Sep 29, 2018
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    Having an authenticator is crucial for these situations. I had recently been receiving disable authenticator emails for my RS account that were going to my junk folder for two weeks.

    Authenticators may seem daunting, however they remember your devices, and the RS one asks for an auth code when your password is entered successfully on a new device.
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  5. The Dude7710

    Jun 15, 2020
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    I had one of my accounts hacked and i cant get it back. Im looking into it as well. Edit. I got it back, and i think it was a gp website that i was using.
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