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  1. gg i dont think it was runemate sorry arbiter
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  2. All the bots are screened before they get pushed to the bot store, we can't even use GUIs we don't declare, so what you do you reckon the likelihood is that we'd be able to sneak a keylogger in? :p

    Besides, it's been said a million times, all account info you enter into the client is encrypted in the client. It's a practical impossibility for your data to have been leaked through Runemate, unless you've logged into the account manually while you already have a keylogger.
  3. just a coincidence, i ran a fletching script bot that logged me out and as i log back in half my bank disappeared
  4. Likelihood is you got logged out when you were out of materials or someone else logged in.

    Either that or you were rolled back, though I wasn't aware that they did that anymore.

    Regardless, the issue doesn't lie with Runemate.
  5. no i had full materials i checked it barely even started i dont know if i should name the script bot name but i clicked start about 500 times till it did something which logged me out ..
    edit; i used 2 fletching bots which one was your's and maxi's your fletching bot strung maple bow but dint pull from bank so i tried maxi's and thats when my bank vanished
  6. Of course you should.
  7. well malware bytes runs a full scan everyday so idk if it would miss a keylogger even when its premium
  8. If a keylogger is FUD it likely won't be picked up.
  9. Probably friends?
    Have you given your account to anyone else?
  10. no, and even if my friends wouldnt do that, and if they did roll my account back wouldnt i lose some skill levels?
  11. Yeah one time I got rolled back while I was at pest control... It twas fucking dirty xD lvl 14 combat from 100....
    I got banned recently for 48 hours but neither my b0nk for stats were messed around so it's weird seeing this.
    Either there is something you're not telling us or no one knows what happened.
  12. You got phished or downloaded a gold generator.
  13. no i downloaded runemate.

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