Has anyone successfully botted to 99?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by hiipower, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. ^

    from 1-99+
  2. 97WC on a level 3 skiller osrs. will keep posted once I start quest to 99 tm
  3. ok cool , im at 90 mining aha scared to go any further
  4. @hiipower, if your scared stop that account can be sold right now, and then u start all over :)
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  5. You did this with breaks right ? or 24/7 ?
  6. [​IMG]

    100% botted.
    time botting: 5 hours at a time
    Breaks: to get prayer pots
    Logout: once every 5 hours only.
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  7. Doing 1-99 Woodcutting on Yews now in F2p. 78 atm. For the past year or so, none of my accounts have been banned, and I've been betting plenty.
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  8. Awesome man! Looking good (y)
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    Niceeee, Do you take breaks ?
    And how long do you bot each session :) ?
  9. I've gotten multiple 99s in the past, but nowadays I usually get them to around 80 then get bored and train a new skill :p
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  10. About 6 hours a day, no breaks.
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  11. Alright :D
  12. You would probably be better off doing breaks though, I just can't bother lol
  13. Yea i agree on that one.
    But i do bot alot on a day, Mostly 10 - 12 hours doing this for the past 18 days now, with breaks ofcourse.
    I hope i can get atleast 1 "99" :D
  14. Botted tonnes to 99 with RSBuddy back in the day. First was thieving, then mage, fletching, cooking, and a couple others.
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  15. I did 1-99 woodcutting a few times on throwaway accounts just to test my bot.
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  16. Botted multiple 99s... don't get greedy and you'll be fine. Major key!
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  17. 98 wc on osrs running strong will be stopping in less then 45 mins
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  18. Multiple people (including myself) got 99 slayer with Alpha Slayer and Alpha Abyss Camper is also responsible for quite a few combat 99s.

    I haven't botted anything in RS3 since last October due to the increased ban rates, though.
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  19. Oh yes. just look in my siggy :p
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  20. I've botted 18 skills to 99 on my main back in 2010-2012 i think. I was using OSBuddy or it was earlier, dunno ;d . Got banned in 2014 using Powerbot while using a bot for rorarii xd

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